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Free natural treatments for pets birds

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Free natural treatments for birds

Free natural treatments for pets birds
Free natural treatments for pets birds


Sun rays are one of the most important elements necessary for the life of all day organisms, including pet birds. It is a preventive treatment for many problems. Free lunch you can give to birds Yes, because it is the most important because it provides one of the essential vitamins for the life of organisms. Vitamin D is one of the most important elements that help in The mineral or calcium element is found at the cell level, especially the cells of the biceps. This is the nutrition aspect. As for the treatment of the sun, it has therapeutic capabilities on the health of pet birds and non-invasive.

The sun has an effective ability in the fight against insect Alvash why in short because the insect of lice or Fush insect night movement and neglect in the day as the skin or skin of the external body is very weak and sensitive to normal lighting,

 The ability of the sun to polish the feathers of birds and as a way to stimulate the colored fat of the feathers and as the installation of vitamin D is an effective element in the stabilization of calcium at the level of feather cells, which gives him strength and hardness and prevents him from bombing.

Stimulating the hormones of mating or mating in birds, the hormone estrogen in females and testosterone in males, which increases the ability of birds on Twitter and reproduction also.


Water is the most important element in the life of creatures, it is the source of life and movement in the earth and constitutes about two thirds of the body size of most creatures or its therapeutic benefit of birds is the first element that birds need to clean their feathers and polishing and rid of the dead cells of the skin and feathers As well as plankton, dust, germs, and insects. Also, it is important to provide and renew them daily or periodically several times if the weather is hot or when you say the individuals of birds you have throughout the year and it is one of the elements that help the body to get rid of toxins and substances that Cause it too, it is void Experience, research and observation also show me that birds exposed to one of the special diseases of the digestive system periodically resorted to drinking water and this instinct made God

Ashes or residual charcoal combustion

Yes, it is the ash caused by the burning of natural vegetable charcoal is a very important elements and contains a lot of food vehicles, whether for humans or animals or pet birds, drip food and your weight in some other vehicles for the feeding of young birds feeding the birds, but in quantities calculated and quantities, For this reason, I do not recommend putting it in your birds' diet. It is enough to have some vitamins, minerals, vitamins, vitamins, minerals, and many examples. As for how to use it for treatment, here is how to get a teaspoon of clean ash. A few drops of water or grape vinegar or apple cider vinegar on the wounds we apply ulcers and Kdlk cracks on the feet of birds or infected beaks disease, smallpox is very effective and useful, but taking into account applied to avoid breathing Tqub then so as not to suffocate due Dalk. It can be applied daily until the birds are cured of those pimples, wounds or ulcers.


In short, it is one of the most important therapeutic substances in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases, for example, the elimination of the digestive system of birds from poisoning caused by food or the excessive dose of drugs or vitamins or by eating them for corrupt or expired foods.

 Clay Mud

Soil is one of the most important materials for birds. It is the first element to absorb the sesame from the body. It is also an element that has a great ability to compensate for some of the mineral materials. The type of clay here is mud because it is enriched by the quality of minerals. It is also one of the best species. To the urban dwellers, but I will tell you a trick to find, God willing, the way is to search for one of the traditional workshops for the manufacture of porcelain or ceramic pots and ask him to provide you with a little bit on the condition that it is raw and rough or the method of use presented in a container alone, Great you can Go down or down at the bottom of the cage.


Sand is the best soil and sand is the best way to facilitate digestion in birds and addressed to detail in one of the topics before the subject click on the sand and the benefits of birds.

Salt table salt

Salt is one of the most important substances in the treatment of certain diseases of birds such as insects lice or Fash and the number of ulcers we take 3 tablespoons of salt and a large Ndibha in a 
liter of water was stabbed by birds or cages have important