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Dog Body Language

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Dog Body Language

Dog Body Language
Dog Body Language
The communication between your "dog" and you does not involve a real language. After all, I will vote can not express what I think with the words. They used several means to indicate what they needed. This involves the use of "body language dogs" .

One of the ways that your angry friend "dog" uses body language to communicate with you is to use his or her queue. The position of its queue and its movement may indicate a certain name of choice. The position of the voters in the queue and its movement indicate a submission, an anticipation of being greeted with another human friend . The position of his queue and his movement could even indicate a possible aggression.

Dog's way Submission Indication 

A dog is normally joined to a very submissive creature. They approached and moved. Enter the queue between the legs is one of these positions. This could be a sign of fear. When, as a subcontractor, it could also be a sign of submission and attract attention. This attention could involve hugs or cuddles.

Dog's Anticipation to be received by you

The simple movement of the queue of your dog ends on the side of the other. During the fast, they are moving their tail, the more they are impatient to see you. They could also catch your eye. They may think that they have approached and they have not shown that they are desired.

Dog's way Potential for aggression

Deleting the queue in a certain position could also indicate a possible aggression. This aggression could be the product of fear or the need to protect yourself from a potential danger. If the queue subtracts high and very fast in a vibratory movement, the signifier could say that it will be ready to be beaten. This could be caused for another nearby dog . This type of movement indicates active treatment.

Your dog is an intelligent creature and you can learn to communicate with him, you learn what they tried to say with their body language. This requires a little patience and involves a little research. There are excellent names in Southern Internet sources where you will not need information to understand the communication methods of your angry friends. Well yes, every dog ​​has his own personality and will define how he will try to communicate with you.

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