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Black corn qualities and their importance to the pigeon and birds

Black corn qualities and their importance to the pigeon and birds 

Black corn qualities and their importance to the pigeon and birds
Black corn qualities and their importance to the pigeon and birds 

Black corn has jet black seeds with a light purple hue . Black maize grows on stems up to Three meters high . Black cornice long , thin spikes about 20 centimeters in length and is considered a medium-sized variety . Depending on the variety, the beans may be white when young, and develop their dark color only at maturity. Black corn stains, and even remove balls, purple dye fingers. Black corn is hard and starchy. It produces so-called "old-fashioned" sweetness, which means that it is sweet, it is not as sweet as modern yellow corn varieties.
Availability Black corn is available during the summer months. Current fastback maize is a traditional variety, botanically classified as Sea Mays, the same species as yellow maize. In Peru, black maize is also called purple maize, while in the United States and the United Kingdom it is called Aztec Black Corn or Black Mexican Maize. Outside of South America, black maize is not commonly found in supermarkets, and only occasionally in farmers' markets. It is popular for its striking color which also makes it popular as an ornamental plant. Black Mexican Maize
Nutritional value Black corn contains Anthocyanins, a plant pigment is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Black corn contains essential nutrients such as iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, Folate, phosphorus and vitamin A .
Applications Black corn is good roasted, roasted, boiled, and steamed. A simple combination of butter, salt, and pepper enhances its flavor. Black corn is a versatile vegetable that can be used instead of yellow corn. Black corn can also be ground in cornmeal and used for corn bread, tortillas, and Indian rote. Black corn should be stored in the refrigerator with the skin.
Black corn cultural information  is boiled and are used as a summer drink called chicha Morada, popular in Peru. The characteristics of black maize in South American folklore and are listed when the red, and blue varieties are mentioned. The village Indians may have used black maize in their ceremonial costumes, and also refer to a maize of black maize in their myths.

What is the stress of the oxidative ? 

During oxidation, nutrients (proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates) are burned by binding to oxygen. This reactive oxygen species are produced during normal metabolic processes in all living things. Oxidative stress is a metabolic process in which more of these oxygen species, called free radicals, are released more than normal. Can change during difficult efforts such as intensive exercises and, consequently, also in pigeons during the course. These harmful particles (free radicals) can cause a lot of damage to pigeons. These free radicals attack cells and genes, and alter the structure of the body's cells. The cell membranes, and cell structures of pigeons can also be damaged. Cells that work more easily for cell membranes in good condition. What about damage to the cell membrane and cell structure? Muscle cells that have an endogenous antioxidant system, with which they can be protected against free radical attacks. The efforts are very intense during the course season and, subsequently, the oxidative stress is very high. In addition, the mayor will be the protection against damage. Therefore, if pigeons enter a portion of the food antioxidant pool, there is a risk of damage to the membrane and membrane cell structure. 

What is the big advantage of black corn ? 

Natural antioxidants are found in many types of cereals and corn. However, black corn is much richer in antioxidants; The levels of polyphenols and Anthocyanins are once again. In addition, the muscles are much better protected, the muscle cells are less damaged, and the pigeons have more resistance and can fly longer. Why is black corn equally good for the general condition of pigeons?
 Antioxidants also play an important role in strengthening and strengthening the immune system. Oxidative stress causes “oxidation” = separation, oxygenated compound, which is reduced to oxidation or, in living beings, to ageing. The body cannot handle too much oxidation and is also inflammatory. From large free quantitative committees, it enters into a decrease in the financing of the body, and all sorts of affections and diseases. As we said Before antioxidants neutralize everything and can give pigeons better health. Conclusion : black corn is a good and natural :It promotes a better functioning of the muscles. Reduce damage to muscle cellsImproves endurance and allows faster recovery after intense effortIncrease immunity and reduce the risk of diseases.

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