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Healthy Pet Simply Feed

 Healthy Pet Simply Feed

 Healthy Pet Simply Feed Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains
 Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Healthy Pet Simply Feed Description :

Never be late for dinner once more with the PetSafe  Healthy Pet merely Feed  . This battery-operated, automatic feeder makes it straightforward to feed your pet on time on a daily basis. No ought to rush home from work to feed your dog, or worry World Health Organization fed the cat, your relief can get the correct quantity of food on time despite however busy your schedule. Program your pet feeder to dispense the proper size meal size from 1/8 cup – four cups of food up to twelve meals per day. With portion-controlled meals, you'll simply manage your pet’s weight if you have got Associate in Nursing overeater. If your fur baby tends to eat meals too quickly, set your feeder to the Slow Feed mode to slowly dispense meals over a 15-minute amount to forestall organic process upset. The pet-proof style helps keep prying paws from stepping into the automated feeder between meals. once meals get untidy, place the lid, hopper, chrome steel bowl and bowl holder within the top-rack of the dishwasher .

Healthy Pet Simply Feed  Features :

* Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains Large capability Food Storage - The hopper holds up to twenty four cups of dry dog or puppies cat   or  food ; chrome steel bowl holds up to five cups of food at a time .
*Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains  Personalize Your Pet’s Meals - Schedule up to twelve meals for your dog or cat; Immediate Feed Mode choice permits you to feed your pet additionally to regular meal times .
* Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains Flexible parts - Meals is distributed from 1/8 cups to four cups to suit your pet's needs; Slow Feed choice permits food to dispense slowly over a 15-minute amount to assist forestall organic process upset .
* Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains  Reliable style - distinctive conveyor style dispenses most shapes and sizes of dry food and helps forestall jams .
*Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains Pet-Proof Dispenser - Keeps prying paws from unavowed food and helps keep food contemporary and secure .
*Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains Dishwasher Safe - Lid, hopper, bowl and bowl holder ar top-shelf dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning; manufactured from BPA-free plastic and untainted steel; for indoor use solely .
*Healthy Pet Simply Feed Contains Battery steam-powered - needs four D-cell alkalic batteries; power device sold-out singly .

Healthy Pet Simply Feed System Includes :

* Automatic Feeder
* Bowl Holder
* Bowl
* User Manual
* Quick begin Guide

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