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Method for eliminating bird lice by garlic

Method for eliminating bird lice by garlic

Method for eliminating bird lice by garlic
Method for eliminating bird lice by garlic

Lice, bird lice, bird lice, or feather lice , It is one of the very annoying insects and parasites that are dangerous to the life of other types of birds, and it is several types: red lice, white lice, and black lice.
In this article, we will discuss with you how to eliminate lice with garlic, as well as some other useful methods for getting rid of the infestation permanently as well.

To get rid of lice in birds, the breeder must take some important measures, namely:

Taking care of the general hygiene of the birds, including the cleanliness of the birds, by taking care of bathing the birds with water periodically as well as sunbathing, taking care of cleaning the cage and changing the bird cage from time to time means the almost daily cleaning of the cage and changing the food and washing its tools almost every week. As for the cage, it is recommended to change it with a cage we add Every month, and a half except for two months, with sterilizing the old cage and cleaning it well with sunbathing for one day, it was kept in a clean place until we need it again.

Second: Sterilization of birds with natural substances on an almost daily basis once every two or three days, and this is a preemptive precaution for any emergence of bird lice or lice insects again, as for the means, we need, there are many natural and chemical methods, and in this article, we have chosen for you today an ideal natural and proven method and most importantly it Very effective.

How to treat lice with garlic

Treatment of lice in bird or bird lice with garlic, we first need four garlic cloves or three large garlic cloves, then we divide the garlic into small portions, divide it into two or three parts, then add these parts to a liter and a half of water and then leave the mixture for three hours, after that, The three hours pass. We stir the bowl or flask well to mix the mixture well, and then fill the drinking bottle for your bird or k birds. Secondly for the remainder of the garlic and water solution, we fill it in a spray. The birds are taken out to the sun, and we spray them or spray them with this solution if the weather is hot Or moderate, so that the birds do not get sick, but if the weather is cold, we must put the solution in a bird bathing bowl and present it at the bottom of the cage without forcing the birds to bathe, and the cage and its corners should also be sprayed with a focus on the corners in particular, as they are the favorite places to live the bird lice and like to hide on it As for the method, we use for prevention and treatment, for prevention, once a week is sufficient. As for the treatment, it must be applied once every two days, unless the outbreak is completely eliminated, taking into account the spraying of the place where the cage is placed, i.e. the place of hanging the cage in the room.