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How to eliminate lice insect ornamental birds

How to eliminate lice insect ornamental birds

cause them many health problems, and this will lead to disease, and gradually lose their health, which will negatively affect the productivity and health of birds, and the bird lice insect may lead birds to severe shortage of blood cells and their death in some Sometimes, God forbid, and in what follows I will try to guide you on some natural methods that help the breeder to eliminate bird lice, especially ornamental birds.
The methods of eliminating the bird lice insect are divided into two parts: natural methods or natural materials, chemical methods or by treatment with manufactured medicine. These are some methods that I have tried, and have shown their effectiveness and I will mention them:

Natural ways to eliminate bird lice insects:

Treating bird lice with table salt:

Table salt is considered one of the natural substances effective in eliminating bird lice, and what we need in this process is sea water, if sea water is not available, we do the following method, take a liter of freshwater or tap water, then add salt to it and mix, then add salt and mix the water to That the water is completely saturated after you notice the precipitation of salt at the bottom, this is an indication that the water has been saturated with salt, and we pour the water into a bowl or flask to spray the birds.

How to use water, salt or sea water to eliminate bird lice insects:

After bringing out the birds to the sun, we sprayed them with the solution and spray the cage also, taking into account the weather conditions. If the weather is hot, you should spray the bird unless the feathers are completely wet and if the weather is mild or cold, a little spray is enough, after you notice that the birds have dried themselves from the water and salt solution Or sea water, you put a bowl of freshwater in order for the birds to bathe in it again and clean themselves of the salt stuck in their feathers, and repeat the process several times a week approximately once every two days if the weather is hot or mild, and once or twice a week if the weather is cold And we continue this process until you completely get rid of the bird lice insect, taking into account the spraying of the place where the cage is also placed and focusing on the cracks, holes, and cracks that exist in the wall in which the bird cage is attached.
Observing this method is very effective, but its only flaw is its long duration as the results do not appear quickly and may take from the breeder a lot of time and effort, especially if he has a lot of birds, but on the positive side, this method is a useful, natural, effective, and safe method for the health of birds of always.
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