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Reasons to prevent the exit of young birds from eggs

Reasons to prevent the exit of young birds from eggs

Reasons to prevent the exit of young birds from eggs

 To be a bird breeder in general or to be a specially ornamental bird breeder It is very important that you face many problems in raising your birds especially in the period of production which is a barrier for all in the first experiments with any species of birds and this is very natural it is mistakes and experiments human learns  But what is not normal is to repeat those problems and mistakes every time without interfering with it and expecting better results without the reasons. These problems include the decline and death of young birds within the egg or their inability to get out of them, which is a very common problem for all educators, whatever their experience and experiences in breeding and caring for birds. In this article, I will share with you all of the causes of the problem , and to do so through my research and my experiences in this subject in detail . 

1: Too much moisture or very little moisture

Humidity is an important factor in the life of birds, especially during the production period, which is an important factor and plays a key role in stimulating birds to production , The natural humidity of the production is limited to between 30 and 60 degrees You can use the Hygrometer .

2: The abnormal temperature

Heat is one of the most important factors affecting the production of birds in an important way and even in the life of birds in general , Natural temperature of production is 37.7 and You can use the thermometer .

3: Hours of lighting and natural darkness throughout the day is not balanced

It is one of the most important factors in the production of birds,  one of the important priorities in production: Balanced natural light and I mean natural hours and not material form, it is one of the first reasons for the incentive of the body of birds in order to prepare for production and mating, as is the case for heat and moisture . Natural lighting hours of production are between 12 hours and 14 hours . You can use artificial light timer

4: Cracking the eggs before the date of the harvest several days

One of the most important effects that prevent the exit of small birds from their eggs and even stop the small growth and death in most cases. As for the causes of this problem, we find several reasons and remind them
Causes of cracking bird eggs is :
* Put an unsuitable ring like the rings that are fitted to the birds after reaching them .
* Length of bird nails , especially female
* Provide cotton alone to the birds to collect the nest
* The cage moved too much and also violently.
* Place the cage in a shaky place, for example moving surfaces above the refrigerator.
* The nest is not suitable or mobile and unstable, especially when the birds move over it
* The nuisance of the female and the burden of observation and forced to rise from the nest violently to control eggs .

5: Leave the female bird her eggs for a long time and frequent without incubation:

One of the reasons that prevent the growth of embryos within the egg is to leave the female nest too much and cause the temperature drop very sharply, especially after the first two days of mother custody of eggs.

6: Female inexperience in custody and flipping eggs .

7: Finally and most importantly , the killer factor and black point sickness :

There are many factors such as the black point and many genetic diseases and a simple interpretation is a gene-borne chromosome birds are recessive, which is not affected by the birds carrying them on their genitals, but it becomes apparent when mating and production of two birds carrying them die all young children that meet the genomes of the genome or killer factor by the kidney The parents are formed and the titration is divided into two types, either the death of the young in the egg when the growth stopped at one stage or after the exit from eggs .

This was a useful shortcut to the topic I wish I had succeeded in explaining and leave a few of my experiences with the picture in the help of a small Canary stuck inside the egg to get out of them and why that view the video below

One of my videotaped experiences in a small canary exit is stuck inside the egg

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