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Leafy vegetables and their benefits to birds

 Leafy vegetables and their benefits to birds 

Leafy vegetables and their benefits to birds

The leafy vegetables are the favorite and favorite foods for all types of birds and other especially parrots and birds and the freshness of the fungus given by God Almighty and because of the benefits of great benefit to them and many examples and shorten the subject in four plants available throughout the globe.


 Vegetables are very useful for all beings, whether human or animal. One of the health benefits is that it is one of the most important sources of potassium and the amount of vitamin A with different doses of one class to another, the more the color of the testicle tends dark green color, the greater the concentration of the components in it, and contains important amounts of fiber concentrated in the solid parts. It also contains very important elements such as vegetable protein and is a small fat also useful, and also contains vitamin C useful in processing and fertility also and calcium, iron, copper and many other vitamins and minerals, but a few percentages.

The benefits of lettuce for birds:

As mentioned above for the elements that are very important, it is useful in the time of processing at the time of laying eggs and also important and liver and liver problems also. And the problem of the intestine, especially for the situation that is suffering from the problem of arrest and diarrhea caused by parasites, and respiratory problems of what I recommend constant in such cases.

Method: Apply lettuce after washing well and soak it in water and salt for at least 15 minutes to die all the parasites that may be attached to it from the outside, and presented twice a week for Canary and gonorrhea. And daily for all kinds of parrots without fear of him

Second: watercress

Watercress is a leafy vegetable that also contains an important proportion of vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C and it is rich in important minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. It is useful for heart disease, arteries, chest, liver and thyroid gland. Helps to strengthen the sexual ability of birds very significantly. It also prevents non-seasonal spare parts due to falling feathers. It prevents the arrest or constipation of the abundance of fiber in it and enrich it. It also prevents the emergence of the impact of diseases caused by malnutrition.

It also helps to strengthen the immunity and provide the body with minerals and vitamins quickly, good for the health of the bones and nails and helps you to fill the need of lime in the formation of egg shells in females because of calcium, prevents the enlargement of the thyroid because it contains iodine at reasonable rates, fighting obesity or lubrication In birds and fats, fat dissolves inside the arteries and allows the blood to flow well into the vessels. It also benefits from the ingredients that help to solve intestinal problems, indigestion and colon diseases and to correct the body of toxins. It also helps to strengthen the brain's ability and strengthen memory especially for chicks. 
Prevents the general health of the body and protects against many diseases because of the various vitamins.
Serves once a week for each bird and twice to three times the production period.

Third: Spinach or spinach

Of the leaves are very good in the provision of vitamins and minerals and as a fatty acid contains salts on vitamin A and vitamin Q and vitamin C and essential minerals and the amount of acids, especially fluoric acid and iron and many other components as mentioned earlier in the first and second maturity is very useful in the process of digestion and helps you To rid the bowels of the bird of toxins and constipation because of the fibers are important and necessary in the process of digestion is one of the plants that are available throughout the year in the markets for easy cultivation. Its nutritional value is very good, preferably once a week or twice without too much sugar.

Fourth: Parsley

Parsley contains a high proportion of calcium more than milk, which is famous for the vitamin A vitamin E  useful for sight and sexual energy also contains iron to compensate for the deficiency caused by the bite of Fash. Rich in vitamin B of all kinds, rich in chlorophyll.

Its benefits
A general tonic for the nervous, digestive and digestive system, useful in feathers and the appearance of the skin of legs, beak and nails. Strengthens and stimulates capillaries all over the body. Contains fibers. Which keeps the body agility and prevents obesity, adjusts and improves the level of sugar in the blood, and protects against colds and also treats the cingulate resulting from your blood. And many many benefits.

The presentation is recommended not to offer very much freshness to concentrate its strong ingredients, it is best to introduce it two to three months a month without breeding birds.
Serves once a week for each bird and twice to three times the production period.

This is the topic, I hope that I have succeeded in explaining, thank you

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