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Importance of chili for pet birds ( Canary- Parrot - finch )

Importance of chili for pet birds

Chili is important for birds

Chili pepper

Despite the taste of sting for humans that the birds love it incredibly fresh because it does not have the receptors of the pain event in the tongue, like all other species such as mammals and the flavor is very fond of the herbivorous birds, which led to the spread in most parts of the globe

: Chili Ingredient

Red chili contains large amounts of vitamin C, and some other types contain large amounts of beta-carotene. In addition, pepper is a rich source of vitamin B6 also contains

And plenty of water *


: It also has many benefits, including

Useful for the digestive system and helps in digestion
Strengthens bones
Strong sexual stimulant
Reduces blood sugar level
 . Repellent for parasites and especially tapeworms
Method of submission
Serves two to three birds per month throughout the year. In the processing phase, it is served twice to three times a  week  and as much as in the winter
 A little of it is useful and the cat performs only a small piece that is sufficient for the bird as it is for its seeds as well


 It is forbidden to give birds when they are sick with acute diarrhea and how much when they have intestinal infections

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