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Cuttlebone for birds Its importance

Cuttlebone Its importance for birds

Cuttlebone Its importance for birds
Cuttlebone Its importance for birds

The benefits of Cuttlebone for birds

What's is the Cuttlebone ?

The Cuttlebone is the internal limestone shell of a cuttlefish. The cuttlefish with eight arms and two tentacles and is found in oceans around the world.

The main component of Cuttlebone is calcium carbonate, which makes up 85 percent. The second most important component of cuttlefish is organic matter, which is 8.9 percent and is primarily a carbohydrate matter.

Why is cuttlebone for birds important ?

Most people have understood that calcium will be built by the solid, the most important to realize that the same one have chosen applies to birds. Cuttlebone is an important food supplement for birds because it is an excellent source of necessary minerals and calcium, which helps birds to age their bones and clot the blood.

Cuttlefish bone is an inexpensive source of carbon from calcium and other trace elements for your bird. It is a natural product and contains no toxins or contaminants. On the other hand, the plume of artificial mineral blocks are made of plaster of Paris. It is also important to know that the blocks of artificial minerals contain everything I have done to add; It can be food coloring, or seeds.

Like calcium, trace elements are crucial for humans and birds. The trace elements present in the cuttlefish also in birds. Iron helps the formation and functioning of red blood cells, potassium maintains normal activity of the heart and muscles, zinc helps the immune system and copper helps circulation and healing.

In addition to an important food supplement, the cuttlefish has a rough texture, which is in fact an ideal outlet to strengthen your beak. Birds can use Cuttlebone bones to help to keep their beaks sharp and sharp. Finches and canaries also often improve the health of their beaks in the development of cuttlefish.
Instructions: How to put the Cuttlebone in a cage
Hang the cuttlefish in your bird's cage for your bird to chew on. Make sure the soft side of the cuttlefish faces the bird as the hard side may be too difficult to cross.

All birds need calcium, but not all birds eat normal Cuttlebone. While most parrots chew the Cuttlebone, birds like mynahs or toucans do not eat it in its raw state. However, you can simply scrape the cuttlefish bone or Cuttlebone into your soft food mixture.

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