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Canary birds How to produce and prepare a canary bird for mating

Canary birds How to produce and prepare a canary bird for mating

Canary production secrets

Canary or canary birds is called in English: Canary, its scientifique Name: Serinus canaria domestica, which is one of the beautiful and tweeting ornamental birds, which many loved and attached to after raising it for the first time.

About the canary birds: Its name in short the canary (scientific name: Serinus canaria) is the domesticated type of wild canary, and one of the types of songbirds within the family of the Sharchurids, as it originates on the island of Micronesia (Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands).

Breeding of the canary was first bred by humans in the 17th century when Spanish sailors brought it to Europe. As the price of canary birds was very high at that time, so only kings and princes were raised in their European velvet palaces, canary birds were raised in the courts of the English and Spanish kings only. Canary birds began to be produced by European monks, as they began raising it and selling males only (because they were singing), which led to their decrease and thus the very high price. In the late 19th century, Italians acquired female canary birds and were able to raise and produce on their own, which led to the rise in popularity of canary birds amongst the gathering of other domestic birds, and this resulted in many breeds of canary birds originating throughout Europe. As is the case in England, at First, the birds were only owned by the wealthy, but in the end the locals managed to raise canary birds and the popularity of the canary birds rose again.

Canary production method, canary birds, are beautiful ornamental birds, whether regarding tweeting or regarding production, and in this article, we will learn with you about the method of producing canary birds from A to Z and also the mistakes that the breeder faces in producing canary birds and many tips and information that I gained, thank God. Years of experience and continuous research in this field, and in this article, we will deal with a lot of information, namely: how to mate canary birds, food for canary birds, how to deal with canary birds at the time of production, how can I marry one male canary to several females, what is the appropriate cage for the production of birds Canary, and a good deal of information about the mating and production of the canary birds in the cage through a few texts, pictures and documentary videos that will benefit you, God willing, do not forget me from the sincere prayer of your brother Abdel Moneim, and we start upon the blessing of God.

Canary birds production in cage:

With regard to production of a canary in a cage, these conditions must be met in canary birds, and that these conditions must also be met:

Specifications of canary birds Productions:

You must have two pairs of canary birds, I.E. A male and a female, and make sure that they are a male and a female canary because unfortunately there are those who raise two female canary birds or two male canary birds, thinking they are a female and a male, so there is no mating or production. This is due to several factors, including either I said the experience or the mistake that the bird seller falls into or the greed of the salesmen sometimes. Unfortunately, this is why please make sure first that your canary birds are male, and female. To make sure that they are male and female, you must either acquire the birds from a trustworthy person or seek the help of an expert person to examine them before purchasing them, especially if you want to buy young canary birds.

The husband of the canary must be a husband of an adult age of production, most types of canary birds are ready for production starting from about eight months, but it is better not to get from the canary until after its first year in order not to break its effort and decline in its health, especially the female canary birds.

Canary birds must be healthy birds with good health and take care of their nutrition well, diversify their food and take care of their cleanliness so that they do not get sick or exposed to the problem of the pest insect, which we have previously published how to treat them. You can visit the article if you are interested from here or its link that you will find at the bottom and all topics And other articles mentioned in this article as well.

Place of production of the canary:

What are the specifications of the place of a production of canary birds?

As an answer to this question, there are several conditions that must be met in the place where the canary birds is produced, namely:

The place of production of the canary birds must be a designated place, A room separate from the house if it is possible to allocate it for the production of birds, and these conditions must also be met, which are: 1 A room isolated from the movement of people 2 That the production room of canary birds be an aired room and allow for sunlight To enter it or at least for daylight to reach it 3 To have protected windows or sheathed with a net to prevent the entry of insects, reptiles, and rodents also because it will be a nuisance to birds also, whether during the production, period or during the whole period of the year 4 If the room does not allow daylight for birds, it must use artificial lighting. You can visit this article to see the artificial lighting for birds, how to operate them, and for you and everything related to it. After these conditions are abundant, we pass the other important steps, which is the canary cage.

What is the size of the cage for the production of canary birds?

The cage for producing canary birds is one of the most important factors that control the quality of the production of canary birds, so that the appropriate size for the production of canary birds or the smallest scale you can use in the production of canary birds is as follows, and this is its size: length 60 cm * width 30 cm * height 36 and whenever it is Size is greater, the more the breeder and the birds are comfortable in production, mating, and placing the appropriate bird supplies for production Canary birds, so what are the requirements for the production of Canary birds?

Essential supplies for production Canary birds:

Supplies and supplies for the production of Canary birds is one of the important factors that play a significant role in the production of canary birds inside the cage, and these supplies are as follows:

A cage for producing canary birds, which we already touched upon in the previous paragraph above, and it is better to have a cage in which the barrier can be placed in the middle.

A nest produces canary birds or a pillar nest, and it is divided into two parts, either the inner nest or the outer nest. As for the difference between them, I will leave this article for you at the bottom to review if you wish to do so, and also in order not to prolong this article, and the most important thing is the nest of the prop A strong support is attached to the cage in order not to cause future problems, which we will mention in the video below as well.

A nest or nest blanket or nest pad, which is a nest made of natural, or synthetic yarns, and the best is made of natural materials because it is the best comfort for a female canary during her incubation of the eggs, and also to maintain a appropriate temperature and humidité for the proper hatching of Young canary birds.

The nest or straw strings: The breeder must pay attention to this issue because it is one of the necessary things that he must take care of in an important way and the best strings that must be presented to birds in general and canary birds in particular are burlap strings or strings that are sold for the purpose of this purpose because they are very suitable in preservation On the eggs and on the young, as well as on the legs of the female bird incubating the eggs. The worst choice to present to birds for the purpose of collecting the nest is the artificial cotton extracted from petroleum-plastic materials. The topic has also been discussed in detail in one of the articles on the Birds Hobby Blog.

The perch for birds: the perch of birds in the cage must be a comfortable perch for the birds for the birds to stand on, and the perch of the birds must be stable and not budge while the birds perch on it, so the unrepentant perch is one of the factors that cause the low level of fertilization of bird Egg and its fertility.

As for the other requirements, it is relationship in which we put the strings of the nest, its shape does not matter, and its function only is to carry the strings and protect them from loss, damage and falling dramatically at the bottom of the cage, we also need a special eating bowl for serving boiled eggs, as we need eating bowls, and a bowl of water.

These were the essential requirements in the production of Canary birds  for proper feeding of Canary birds Durring the production period.

Canary birds Food:

What Food and appropriate food should be provided to Canary birds during the production period? The answer is satisfactory to this question is:

Grains and seeds are the basis of Canary nutrition, as the percentage of canary feeding on seeds is the lion's share in feeding canary birds, as the seeds constitute approximately 70 to 80 percent of the canary's food or food, which is in short: Canary seeds, a special seeds mixture Canary consists of many seeds. You can refer to the article related to them at the bottom of the article.

Vegetables: They are vegetables of all kinds for the name of leafy vegetables and green vegetables such as lettuce, watercress, etc. And other vegetables such as cauliflower, for example, but not exclusively.

Fruits: they are apples, bananas, lemons, oranges, pumpkin, etc.

Dried fruits: dried figs, dried figs, fruits, raisins or dried grapes.

Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts.

Animal proteins: They are worms or worms and larvae such as the worm of the domes larva or the larva of domes, dried or soft, boiled eggs with all its components, including the shells of boiled eggs because it is rich in lime and calcium.

Nutritional supplements: they are vitamins, minerals, and mineral salts, and this when necessary, and examples are very many. Among these nutritional supplements, what is special for ornamental birds such as Verti vet, OmniVit, and there are no veterinary poultry such as Minafit, or human use such as Supradine.

Canary birds production method:

Synthesis and Suspense Stage:

It is the first stage in the production of canary birds, in which the male canary is synthesized with the female canary, to get acquainted with each other and so as not to cause problems when firing birds together in the production cage. At this stage, the female canary is placed in the production cage and the male canary is placed in another cage, then we are separated between the cages for a few days, so that, the female gets used to the male's singing, and the male canary gets used to the female bite also and there is a suspense between them, and there is another way, which is to put my husband canary In the production cage, but on the condition that you put each bird on one side of the cage and put between them an insulation that prevents the birds from seeing each other until a great suspense occurs between them. When the barrier is removed between them, we find a strong interaction, and there are no quarrels between the two canary birds when they meet with each other.

Mating stage of canary birds:

The stage of bird mating comes after the stage of acquaintance, familiarity, and suspense amongst the birds through which we try to introduce the birds to each other, before gathering the birds together, the production requirements must be placed in the mating cage, that is, on the side of the female canary, for a period of two days, you will notice that the female begins to play With the strings of the nest in the nest and put it in the nest or drop it under the cage, you will also notice that the female will increase the bit and sometimes it is possible to see her take the mating position after hearing the raging male canary's tweet, here you must remove the wire barrier or the rods between them You may see the pollination directly in this, The moment you may not see the matter also, and this is a very normal thing. It is very common to notice slight quarrels in the birds, and this is also normal because the male tries to impose his dominance on the female, but the quarrel is very violent and the female performs violent resistance, so, you must separate the glory until Make sure that the birds are damaged together.

The egg laying stage

After all the previous stages are successfully completed, you will find that the female is the Friday of the nest and made it well, and that she also sleeps in it. These are the first signs of the approaching emergence of eggs, God willing, after a day or two for three days you will see that. She laid the first egg in most cases the female will not incubate On the first day or the second day of laying eggs, you will notice that she sleeps on the roost and this is the general case, as the females embrace from laying the next egg approximately, as for the anomalies, it is the female incubates on the first day or that the female incubates only after laying the last egg, and these Cases are present, but very few if not rare, because most female canary birds incubate after laying the second or third egg. Note on the matter of increasing the culture, which is the last egg, which is dark compared to the previous egg, and this is also normal.

Canary egg incubation stage:

After all the above, he promised to notice that the female canary incubates the eggs, and sleeps over the nest and does not come out of it to eat or feces, God bless you. You must calculate the day written to calculate the duration of the eggs hatching or to know the day in which the young birds will come out of the egg.

How long does it take for canary eggs to hatch?

It takes the canary eggs to hatch for a period of two weeks specifically 14 days after the first day you notice that the female canary sleeps on her nest constantly, on the 15th day you will find, God willing, the young birds stimulate the nest and will come out regularly, that is, every day almost a chick will come out as for the young ones on the day First, you will find either a little or two young or 3 young come out one day, and this is due to what we said earlier for today. Female canary incubation for her eggs. As for the rest, they will come out day after day until all the fertilized eggs hatch, and all the eggs come out, to avoid the exit of the young day after day. The breeder removes the real eggs every day in the very early morning and replaces them with plastic eggs, and this is in order not to spoil the incubation, so the fetus dies after it is formed during the incubation of the female, then we return all the eggs to the female to incubate again after all her eggs are laid, so, we remove the plastic eggs, and replace them with the real eggs: For the beginner, this method will be very difficult due to the difficulty in dealing with eggs, and the inability to do so because it is likely to spoil if you do not store it properly or it is possible to break it during pregnancy and compensate: for this it is better to let things take their natural form, This method is used by most professionals for one thing, which is to avoid the disparity in the size of the young which may lead to a variation in the size of the young ones that come out late, and cannot keep up with their brothers in ordering food, so, they are malnourished and eventually die, God forbid, and this in case the experience of new birds in production decreases. As for avoiding the problem, if you do not remove the eggs, you must monitor the course of things and intervene in feeding the young birds that were not able to take their share of a food and food from their parents, and you can also feed them with a needle and a mixture of bird feed, whether ready-made mixtures that are sold especially for this matter, Or you can make it manually with materials available at home, and I will also leave the article for you at the bottom to review it and know the ingredients you will need in making the mixture, as well as for you to learn the proper way to feed young canary birds.

Feeding baby canary birds:

How are baby canary birds fed? And what are the ingredients for feeding baby canary birds?

In short, the method of feeding young canary birds or small birds every year needs a little experience from the breeder. If the breeder does not have experience, he must be courageous enough to be overwhelmed and go through the experiment because of the experience of feeding young canary birds inside the nest by a needle is a wonderful experience, and the bird breeder feels With a very beautiful feeling, and it is a feeling frankly that I will not be able to describe it to you until you try it yourself, the important thing is that it is necessary to wash your hands well with soap and water to avoid exposing the young birds to any infection that they may perform and move from the hand to have one of the germs, bacteria or viruses, and God forbid, causing them In her death because of the immunity of the young birds be very weak, secondly, the prepared mixture must be prepared according to what was mentioned in the accompanying leaflet and mixed well. The needle is filled and deflated from the air so as not to fill the vesicles with the young birds while feeding them. Note that the mixture must be warm and try it On top of your hand before feeding the little ones, and this is mandatory in order not to lead the little ones while feeding them, the mixture must be homogeneous, warm, and empty of air. We carry the nest very carefully, it was placed on a pillar, taking into account not to expose the young to the cold air currents, we click on the nest in a gentle way in order for the birds to wake up and prepare to receive food thinking that we are their mother and open their mouths to order food here. We must start with the young hungry and small and cod, as well. You must feed her carefully and gently and not put a lot of food in her vesicle, and that the percentage of vesicle filling does not exceed 70 or 80 percent as the maximum, in order not to suffocate. Note, try to offer a bite to each bird, starting from the smallest little one you wish to, then the next, and leave the largest for the last, then repeat the ball again carefully and very kindly. I repeat and come back. Kindness and kindness must be taken while feeding the little ones, so that you do not face any problems. As for the quantity of meals, they should be according to their needs, From a single meal per day to 4 meals if you notice that parents of canary birds do not take care of the young or newborn, but if things are going normally, then you should not enter into the matter from the best.

What food should be provided to Canary birds during the production period?

As an answer to this question, it is necessary to diversify food and provide many ingredients, the most important of which are animal proteins, and these proteins are: boiled eggs, dried or soft worms, according to what your birds are used to. We also offer a mixture of seeds and grains, and we offer some mixtures consisting of boiled eggs, and some other ingredients Like bee honey, and natural olive oil with regard to vegetables, natural fruits and dry fruits. I advise you to prevent them from birds in the first week of the young hatching because it may lead to some problems in the digestive system of small birds. It is better to avoid presenting them until after the first week, rounding the day 7 after hatching, and above, and the credit after day 10, after the canary birds, babies reach their 10th day, you can enter whatever food you want in the general bird diet.

Canary weaning stage:

The stage of weaning birds is one of the Very important stages That indicate that the birds are preparing for production again, and most often the female is prepared to lay new eggs and create a new nest, so, she expels her young from the Nest after Notting that her Young have begun to jump out of the nest and rely on herself a little, the breeder must For the birds to go out to the sunlight and put the bathing bowl for the birds to bathe and sunbathe on the one hand and in order for their young to learn to swim in the bathtub on the other hand, after returning the cage to its place, the breeder must separate the young canary birds from their parents, either in the cage alone, or that She puts barrier bars, and in the soul to isolate her in part of the parts of the cage if she is not sure that she will depend on herself and in this way she will have prevented the young from disturbing the mother and ruining her nest, and she will also be relieved of her death from hunger or thirst, for example, if she needs food, she can ask her children from Through the holes between the bars, she also will not give up until you notice that she has a grown up and become self-reliant, an important note after isolating the birds, you must change the nest and the nest pad with a clean and sterile one and again present new strings in order for the birds to build a new nest De, and thus the female canary begins to make a new nest and lay eggs again, another note that if you isolate the babies in one, side of the cage, she must put food and water for her and focus on presenting the egg mixture to the young, to eat and get used to self-reliance, any little bird Or a young person who eats or drinks water, you must separate it and put it in another cage without any fear or hesitation, and so forth, until all the group of young canary birds come out of the production cage, immediately after that you must remove the separator or barrier that was previously set to allow large bird's freedom In the movement inside the cage, then we repeat the process again until the bird production season ends.

Important tips for producing canary birds:

After we got acquainted with all the stages of producing canary birds in the cage and the method of producing canary birds in the above paragraphs of the article above, I will add you my brother my sister some advice that I learned from the production of canary birds to avoid you some problems that occurred in them previously and I would love not to fall into them as well. :

Birds are not forced to produce more than three times a year, 3 nests for each pair per season or per year, and this is sufficient in order not to deplete the birds, strength and health as well, especially the female ones.

The production of canary birds is in the spring, which is the best season of the year to produce all kinds of ornamental birds, not just canary birds.

You must take care of proper feeding and diversification of birds throughout the year and not only in the production season.

You must take the appropriate action at the right time, that is, you must learn about the behavior of birds and be proactive to take appropriate measures before it is too late, especially the emergence of symptoms of bird disease, God forbid. As the saying says, prevention is better than treatment.

You can put on the man ring for the young birds on the seventh day after the birds have hatched.

With regard to teaching canary birds, Twitter can actually teach and indoctrinate canary birds, the language of birds or the voice of canary birds is distinctive, noting that even if you isolate the children and never hear them, you will naturally tweet.

This was most of the information you Will Need to start production Canary birds. I hope that it will be a comprehensive and detailed topic that will benefit everyone who Need it, Good willing. Your brother Abdel Moneim was with you. Do not give us sincere supplication for me, my parents, and the rest of the Muslims. For more positions, I advise you to view the articles below or through the homepage of the blog . I also welcome you to visit us again in the near future. There is still more and more in the quiver, God willing. In conclusion, if the topic is useful to you, I also hope to share a link with friends on social media, which indicates goodness as an actor. We also welcome your questions, inquiries, and suggestions. You can put it in a comment below, and we will answer it as much as possible. You can also follow the bird hobby pages on social media to reach everything new after the first publication. And long as you in God Save and sponsorship. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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