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When do I provide vitamins to pet birds?

When do I provide vitamins to pet birds?

Multivitamins are considered one of the nutritional supplements needed by the breeder of ornamental birds to support and strengthen the health of his birds in some cases and stages of the life of ornamental birds. So, what are these cases and stages in which pet breeders need these vitamins or nutritional supplements? In this article, we will learn about these on the reasons for their use.

As for the cases that require the provision of vitamins to birds, they are as follows:

Weakness or weakness in the health of ornamental birds in general.

* Ornamental birds are delayed in readiness to start production.

* Vitamins are provided to birds in general and to ornamental birds in particular, after being treated for one of the diseases and ailments.

* Vitamins are also provided to ornamental birds that could not get out of the feather change stage smoothly as usual for other birds, as a support for these birds in order to speed up the process of changing or changing feathers.

* It is also offered to young birds after weaning them and starting to eat if you separate them from their parents in order to teach them to memorize or to language, I mean here goldfinch babies, baby canaries, baby goldfinch-canary hybrids.

As for the types of vitamins that I used before, I used many types of multivitamins and they were all useful, including a multivitamin for children, and there are many examples that you can see through one of the articles on the Hobby of Birds blog.

  And the best types of vitamins, in my opinion, which benefit ornamental birds, have erased the nutritional value and also made them suitable. They are veterinary vitamins, or vitamins sold in veterinary pharmacies, which are for poultry.

As for the method of providing vitamins to birds, it is presented in two ways:

Method 1: Vitamins are placed in water and served in drinks, taking into account reading the product leaflet to know the doses, as well as the duration and method of serving.

Method 2: Breeders of ornamental birds can combine it with food, especially the bati mixture, or the egg bati mixture.

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