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How to produce Hybrid Goldfinch and Canary birds

How to produce Hybrid Goldfinch and Canary birds 

method Production of goldfinch and canary bird
method Production of goldfinch and canary bird

The european goldfinch and canary bird hybrid is considered as one of the very distinct birds in  sings, where it acquires strength and length of breath during a tweet from the canary, and the aesthetic and ability to throw tweets from european goldfinch, as it has a strong memory in memorizing many sections of goldfinch and distinguished on
Also by the strength of his tone, and his high voice while performing the instruments, he is a singing bird with distinction, but his only disadvantage is sterility due to the difference in the number of chromosomes between the european goldfinch and the canary, which is the reason for this, and this is his only defect in my view.

It is through Mile Should that I guide you on my way of producing it, as well as the conditions for that.
To easily produce european goldfinch and canary hybrids even if you do not have sufficient experience in it, you need to follow these steps and respect these terms and conditions.

the specifications for the european goldfinch 

It must be an adult male, about one and a half years old
It must be a domesticated male, that is, he does not fear people
Being accustomed to canaries and not afraid of them

the characteristics of a female canary

To be a virgin female who has never been mated with a male canary.
She is six months old and reached with goldfinch to get used to.
Be dark in order not to freak goldfinch in the mating period.
The desirable colors in a female canary to produce hybrid is gray, brown or oily green, they are the best colors that facilitate the goldfinch to get used to and mate with easily.
To be of small size, i.e. the size of a goldfinch.
After all of these conditions are met, we pass the stage of acquaintance between birds.

The acquaintance stage

We place the female canary birds in the mating cage in which we want to production and place it in the place of production, which should be a quiet place and reach by natural daylight, and it should also be a place free of air currents.
Note that the cage should not be changed except for isolation and bathing the female canary birds, cleaning the cage as well.
We place the european goldfinch male in a small cage and attach it is two meters away from the female canary birds and place a barrier preventing the birds from seeing each other.
After about a few days, we will see the birds interacting with each other, and their response to Twitter, meaning the male tweeting strongly, and the female canary birds is looking for him and trying to find him. You will also notice that female jumps and moves a lot in the cage, as this is evidence of her desire to mate and produce.

After that we bring the male cage closer to the female cage and remove the barrier so that they can see each other and feed each other in case they did not feed each other. You must return the barrier between them for two or three days. The reservation was removed again to make room for them again, and we remain in this manner unless we verify that Birds want to mate with each other. After checking the consistency of birds, we put the female canary birds supplies of production, namely the nest, the nest, the straw nest, and also the nest strings or the nest straw. After the female begins collecting the nest, enter the male from her, that is, to the production cage. You will notice the quarrel between the birds, and this is very normal. The quarrel is not violent, but if it is violent, the birds must be separated again for about two days, and they will be brought back together
Note during the acquaintance and suspense period, you should diversify the food and provide all the nutrients for the birds to enhance their fertility well with regard to eating. I will also promote him in future videos as well, as is the case for all previous videos that I published in Arabic. I will also translate them to the English language and to reach everything that is new I invite you to subscribe, and activate the bell button, support us by interacting and sharing the video with friends, and thank you in advance

Production stage of  Hybrid Goldfinch and Canary birds

 After the mating process between the birds, and the female canary birds lay eggs, the female canary birds can separate the male from her if it is disturbing, but if it is not an inconvenience, there is no need for separation because it helps her to feed the young.

After a female canary lay her eggs and incubates them for 6 days, they must be examined under the light rays to know whether the eggs are fertilized or not. The eggs are fertilized, and we leave them to the female. And lay eggs in it again. After you get the kids out of the eggs, you should turn on them for a unique language or song. The finch is not mixed with mistakes. I will also leave you some links for the videos The voices of the goldfinch previously published on the channel. Also, download links for those who are wanted it. You will find them in the description box below the video. As for indoctrination and education of young people, it must be daily, unless you reach the young and begin to tweet. Note that you should pay attention to the hybrid youngsters because they are so fasting that you should prevent them from hearing other birds such as wild birds, and other garden birds.
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Method of  Production Hybrid goldfinch and canary bird

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